Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I choose fear.

because it is so omnipotent these days.

what is fear? fear is an emotion that paralyzes us. it is an all encompassing emotion which, when experienced, is felt thoroughly. fear is also a feeling of being in danger. it is omnipresent in our every day lived as it is essential to our survival and has been for thousands of years (for instance, if we weren't somewhat afraid of dying, we would be less likely to stay alive). fear is also used to control people, such cases as domestic abuse and crimes against humanity are based on fear.

what is its properties? it set boundaries and constraints a person. it takes charge of a being and is a very strong emotion.

how does it function ? it can function when we feel as though we're in peril, in great danger or that there is some strong, unpleasant consequence ahead. it can also function within us as we do sometimes impose fear onto ourselves.

where is it located? i'd say it's located in the torso. it really inflicts enormous amounts of emotional pressure in that area. that could be because when we are fearful, our heart rate goes up and breathing becomes more fast paced and intense. personally, when i'm afraid, i feel as though my heart is in my throat.

here are some thumbnails..

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final piece :

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p.s: pardon the lack of capitals. i'm feeling defiant.


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