Sunday, October 09, 2005

Philip K. Dick's "A Scanner Darkly"

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i've heard of Philip K. Dick's writing before but never really ventured into it. however, these days, his name has been coming up alot while i research stuff for my projects and about a year ago i remember a friend talking about a new movie keanu reeves was going to be in, sounded real interesting. as it turns out, that movie is called "A Scanner Darkly" and is based on a Philip K. Dick novel. who would've thunk it.

so now i shall be reading more on this seemingly bright fellow and am eagerly anticipating this movie.

judging by the snapshots, it looks absolutely mesmerizing.

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p.s : the animation technique of this movie reminds me of a show on teletoon called "Delta State". it really is something to see.

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Philip K. has been my favorite author for a while now. I particular enjoy how his writing (about the future) in the 50's through 70's has stood up today, yet still has many old pulp sci-fi elements. He is one of the first sci-fi authors to really tackle ontolgical issues such as what is reality and what makes us human. He is widely considered the first true "cyberpunk" author. I hope you enjoy his work.

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