Tuesday, November 22, 2005

MAC visit

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“Éléments” by Alexandre Castonguay

This interactive video installation by Alexandre Castonguay was truly astonishing, as it took our involvement to bring it to lif. One of the projections in particular had our motions create ripples in our surroundings, this idea stuck with me, it somewhat relates to the user interface I’ve decided to pursue, as it deals with reverberated signals, wavelengths, etc… Also, the interaction is immediate, you have an action and then a reaction, which renders it more efficient and more likely to be used.

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“Chemins” by Sylvie Bouchard

This painting by Sylvie Bouchard really grabbed my attention because of its aesthetic aspect; it is linear and deliciously so. The lines are organic as well, as they are reminiscent of lake mappings and tree forests. At the same time, we could compare them to the internet, using them as a visual metaphor. What I also enjoyed was the somewhat microcosm/macrocosm aspect of it, on the left; we could interpret the blue lines as an aerial view of a section of the earth. On the right; we could interpret the vertical lines broken by a few horizontal ones as a close-up of this section of the earth. I see this playing a role in my final project because it demonstrates how there are some many pathways to follow, so many entrances and exits, such that it is extremely easy to get lost. Especially for a child who relies on someone else for direction.

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“Au seuil de la nuit” by Isabelle Hayeur

Isabelle Hayeur’s photographs are grand in scale and though they should be intimidating and imposing, they’re in fact very humble and gracious though a little unsettling. Partly due to the gray toned colors that are predominant in most of her photographs. She gives the landscapes very much human emotion qualities. The images also shed light on the juxtaposition of technology and nature that is a great part of a majority of people’s lives these days. It (the photograph) displays nature’s misery with immense beauty. This misery is the chaos that goes on within it, the injustice and crimes against humanity. As it has been said before: “Our children are our future”, how can there be a future, if there are no children? So if nature is engulfed in this chaos which creates a dangerous environment for the people roaming it, there indeed is a need for protection. That is how it would relate to my project.


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